Playtech Expands Live Casino Games Through This Innovation

Robert Longthorpe - Senior Writer
Robert Longthorpe
22 July 2022 in News
Playtech Live Slots

We have to admit, live dealer casinos are one of the more unique features of the real money online casino world. Playtech has taken it upon itself to up the anti-on live dealer games even further! Read on below to see how the brand wants to revolutionize live casinos with the introduction of live pokies.

Online Casino Live Pokies Explained

Live pokies aim at taking the online poker machine and making it a live experience. Whilst traditional pokies are generally a solo experience, Playtech has reimagined them to make it more interactive.

Two of the biggest additions to live pokies are:

  • A live host
  • Community spins

Playtech has introduced a live host to narrate your play. The host will interact with all players and comment on the game as it happens.

Secondly, live pokies also give the option of playing community spins. Players can opt to play as a team on certain spins. This has the potential to generate either a sense of comradery or healthy competition.

One of the most interesting live pokies is Playtech’s most recent addition, Adventures Beyond Wonderland.

About Adventures Beyond Wonderland By Playtech

This interactive live game is based on Playtech's existing Alice in Wonderland-themed title. The game has two hosts who are dressed as the characters from the original poker machine. They are responsible for facilitating the wheel.

The wheel acts like your reels.

You can wager on the following numbers:

Slot Number How Often It Appears On The Wheel
1 22
2 15
5 5
10 4

Every number on the wheel acts as a multiplier and will multiply your wager by its value should you win.

On top of the numbers, the wheel also houses eight bonus round slots.

If you manage to land on one of these slots, you will be taken to either the:

  • Mystery Bonus Spins Round
  • WonderSpins Round
  • Magic Dice Round

We will discuss these bonus rounds briefly below:

WonderSpins Round

The WonderSpins round is activated when the wheel lands on either a 2 or 5 WonderSpins segment. The wheel is then flipped to reveal two alternative wheels used for this bonus game. These are comprised of characters from Alice In wonderland, all of whom hold different values.

You can expect to see the following on these wheels:

  • The Red Queen
  • The Dodo
  • The Door Mouse
  • The Cheshire Cat
  • The Mad Hatter
  • The Rabbit

The rabbit is the highest multiplier in this bonus game. He will multiply your bet by x50. However, he only appears once on the bonus wheel.

Furthermore, the white rabbit will enter the screen as an animation, and spin the smaller wheel. This will land on another character, boosting the original multiplier by its value.

Magic Dice Round

The Magic Dice bonus round will take you to a board game-type round. The board is made up of 6 columns and 4 rows.

Every section of the board holds either:

  • A single multiplier
  • A multiplier applicable to the entire board
  • An arrow

The aim of this round is to work your way up to the top of the board. Here you will receive a x100 multiplier.

To do so, you will need to select a die, either the red die or the white die. These are then rolled by an automated shaker. The die will either land on a multiplier or an arrow moving up.

Mystery Bonus Spins Round

This round opens up into one of two further bonus games.

You will either be taken to the:

  • Caterpillar Mystery Bubble
  • March Of The Card Soldiers

Both of these rounds will reward you with generous multipliers. This bonus round also ensures a win at the end!

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