Lucky Lotto Player Nabs NZD$24,000,000 Prize

Robert Longthorpe - Senior Writer
Robert Longthorpe
23 December 2022 in News
NZ Lotto Winner

While playing top online casino games like Gonzo's Gold at one of the best online casinos in New Zealand can set your heart racing, imagine what winning the national lottery would feel like. The NZ Lotto Division Powerball has made yet another Kiwi a multi-millionaire. The unknown winner woke up on the morning of Nov 27, Sunday, richer by NZ$24 million.

The winner is a resident of New Plymouth. He or she purchased the lotto ticket at Bell Block Supermarket and later became the 17th Lotto multi-millionaire of 2022 in New Zealand. The winning numbers were announced at the Super Saturday Lotto Powerball draw on Nov 26, Saturday.

So far, no one in Taranaki has won a Lotto prize this big, although many have won NZ$10,000 or lesser. It may also turn out that the Powerball winner is not from Taranaki because the Bell Block Supermarket gets visitors from all over New Zealand.

Details of the Prize

The NZ$24 million jackpot comprises two parts. The lucky player won NZ$23 million from the Powerball and NZ$1 million from the Lotto First Division. The numbers that won were 31, 5, 38, 3, 29, and 27. Five was the Powerball, and 21 was the bonus ball.

A month back, a syndicate of 24 players won a Powerball prize of NZ$23.3 million.

Other Powerball Millionaires

A resident of Kaikoura won a Lotto First Division Powerball prize of $8.2 million in mid-August and became the 13th Lotto multi-millionaire in New Zealand. The winner purchased the ticket at New World Kaikoura. The prize comprised $8 million from the Powerball and $200,000 from the Lotto First Division.

A couple from Wellington won $16 million in late October. They were over-excited and spent all night wondering what they would do with the money. Initially, they felt it was a glitch because they never expected to win. They waited for some time and finally accepted the truth when they saw in the news that they had won $16 million.

Winner Yet to Claim Prize

NZ Lotto urges all the players who purchased lotto tickets at Bell Block Supermarket to check their numbers at the earliest possible on the Lotto NZ App or in the store. The lottery has announced that the winner can call 0800-695-6886 to find out the best way to claim their prize.

Play Lotto Powerball and Strike

Lotto, Powerball, and Strike offer generous prize pots. NZ Lotto holds a draw twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday. You win prizes if the numbers on your ticket match the numbers drawn.

You need to choose six numbers in the range of 1 – 40 to play a line, and you need a minimum of four lines to enter the draw. You can either have the numbers selected at random or pick numbers on your own. During each draw, six winning numbers and a bonus ball are drawn.

You can win prizes in seven divisions. The First Division prize goes to the player who matches all six numbers on a line. The easiest to win is the Seventh Division prize because you have to match any three numbers on a line to win it.

The Strike Four jackpot goes to the player who matches the first four numbers drawn on any line. You win smaller prizes for matching any one of the first four numbers drawn. Bet $1 per line to add Strike to any Powerball or Lotto ticket.

You must add a Powerball number to any line on your Lotto ticket for a chance to win the Powerball jackpot. The Powerball number can be any number between one and ten. You can win a bigger prize if you match the Powerball number and all the numbers on a line.

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