Two Lamborghinis Crashed By Valet at Crown Perth

Robert Longthorpe - Senior Writer
Robert Longthorpe
03 March 2023 in News
Crown Perth Lambo Crash

We can guarantee you this is not something you'd see happening at a real money online casino. A Crown Perth valet had a hard day at work when he crashed a Lamborghini into another one at 9:00 p.m. local time on February 8, 2023, at Crown Towers in Perth.

To make matters worse, Craig Jones, a jiu-jitsu champion, made a video of the crash and uploaded it to Instagram, where it lost no time in becoming viral. Another thing that would never happen at an Aussie online casino.

The owner of the cars is Laurence Escalante, the billionaire owner of Virtual Gaming Worlds, a company with an office in Perth. He had handed the keys to his purple and cyan Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae Roadsters worth around $1 million each to the valet staff of Crown Perth.

Unfortunately, the valet handling the cyan car could not control it and crashed it into the rear of the purple Lamborghini. The valet can be seen in the video driving the cyan car into the rear of the purple car, which was parked just in front of it.

Car Crash Video Goes Viral

Craig Jones, the jiu-jitsu champion who caught the crash on video before posting it on Instagram, was in Perth to watch the UFC match between the Russian Islam Makhachev and the Australian Alexander Volkanovski.

He can be heard commenting, “No way, look at this bloke” on video as he approaches the crash. While posting the video on Instagram, he explained that Crown Perth was "fixing" and "sorting" the issue. Jones also posted the words, “lessons learned for everyone” and said that he is grateful for everything and lucky.

The video shows the valet laughing nervously while explaining how he thought the accident happened. Shocked when he realized that he has smashed into the rear of the purple Lamborghini, he said that he thought he was pressing the car’s brake.

When Jones asks him what he was doing in the car, the valet said that he was trying to park the car just like everybody else and apologized for the mistake.

Getting out of the car after the crash, the valet said that the two pedals were too close together and he thought he was pressing the break when the car just went.

The video shows the valet getting out of the car and standing with his hands over his mouth, shocked at the sight of the front bumper ripped off the cyan Lamborghini he was trying to park.

Crown Perth Investigates Incident

Crown Perth has issued a statement in which it assures that it is investigating the incident.

The casino says that it prioritizes the safety of its guests and team members and will conduct a complete assessment of the incident along with all those involved.

Confirming that the two Lamborghinis were damaged in the driveway of Crown Towers in Perth shortly after 9:00 p.m. local time on February 8, Crown Resorts stated that nobody was injured in the incident.

Owner Expresses Frustration

Meanwhile, Laurence Escalante, the owner of the two Lamborghinis took to Instagram to express his frustration. He posted that the two cars were the last of the Aventadors and that Crown would have to claim insurance to pay for the damage. He also wrote, "It sucks, lessons learned for everyone. It will get sorted out and fixed by Crown."

He also informed readers that the cars are now in the repair shop.

The billionaire’s spokesperson confirmed that both Lamborghinis belong to the entrepreneur, who loves collecting exotic cars. The spokesman said that they understand accidents happen and what was more important was that nobody was injured. He also confirmed that the Crown was working with the owner to fix the cars and settle the issue.

Most Expensive Cars in Australia

The Lamborghini Ultimae Roadster is one of the most expensive cars in Australia with prices starting from $992,653. On-road costs and options can push the cost of the car into seven figures.

Car enthusiasts worldwide have purchased the V12-power supercar, but repairs to the car in the case of damage are very expensive. When prospective buyers request a test drive of the Lamborghini Huracan STO, a cheaper version of the car, the driving instructors beg them to be careful because it costs more than $31,000 to replace the front bumper alone, and that is excluding the workshop and labor costs.

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