5 Things You Must Avoid at Online Casinos

Robert Longthorpe - Senior Writer
Robert Longthorpe
21 July 2021 in Features

Are you new to online casinos? If so, this article may help. While signing up is easy, there are a few common mistakes that new players make during or after the process. We don't want any of our players to encounter issues, which is why we've written this article.

We'll go over the common mistakes made by new players and how to avoid them:

1. Register with False Credentials

For many services available over the internet, it is wise to register using a pseudonym, a false alias, or fabricated details that may help protect your real identity. However, if you do this at online casinos, you may encounter future issues.

Why is this an issue?

The most common issue you may face is making withdrawals. Online casinos use your details to ensure that your money goes to the right person. If you enter false details, there is no way the casino can verify that you are the genuine owner of the account.

What are the consequences?

Ultimately, this issue can result in a tiresome back-and-forth between you and the casino's customer service team. In the worst possible scenario, you may find that the casino cannot legally process your withdrawal.

Top Tip: If you are concerned about revealing your personal details over the internet, your best option is to sign up to a trusted online casino. All of our featured online casinos have passed an extensive evaluation to guarantee player safety. In fact, they all use the latest SSL Data Encryption technology, giving them the same level of security as major high-street banks!

2. Create Multiple Accounts

Let's imagine that you claim a no deposit bonus, and you love it! It's eligible on your favourite game, the terms and conditions are brilliant, and the casino itself is fantastic. It's so great that you are tempted to create a second account and claim it again - we do not recommend this.

Why is this an issue?

It's a flagrant breach of the rules. No deposit bonuses are a marketing tool used by online casinos to attract new players. The rules clearly state that they are credited on a one-per-player basis. If you claim the same no deposit bonus twice, you are committing 'bonus abuse'.

What are the consequences?

It depends on the benignity of the casino. At some casinos, you may simply be unable to claim the same bonus twice - especially if you use the same details. If you are caught using false details, you may be banned from the casino entirely.

So I can only claim one no deposit bonus?

Not exactly. You may claim multiple no deposit bonuses, providing you claim them at different online casinos. There are hundreds of trusted, safe and high-quality online casinos in New Zealand that offer no deposit bonuses. Please refer to our No Deposit Bonuses page for more information.

3. Ignore the Wagering Requirements

When you claim a bonus, you are required to wager the value of your bonus a number of times. New players may not be aware of wagering requirements or may even trivialise their importance. We consider wagering requirements to be the most significant of bonus terms and conditions.

Why is this an issue?

If you neglect the wagering requirements, you will not know how much you must wager before you can withdraw your winnings. Knowledge brings clarity. If you understand the wagering requirements, you will not attempt an ineligible withdrawal, nor will you attempt to cheat by making ineligible bets.

What are the consequences?

If you attempt an early withdrawal or try to quickly fulfil the wagering with ineligible bets, one consequence may be that you invalidate your bonus. On a more personal note, when you realise your error, you're bound to be disappointed. Not understanding the wagering requirements typically ends in resentment - players feel like they've been conned by the casino, even though the terms and conditions are clear.

Learn More: Do you want to know more about wagering requirements? If so, please refer to our article on What Are Wagering Requirements? In this article, we go over the implications of wagering requirements and how to beat them.

4. Play Unfair Games

Every casino game has its own unique odds. While this may be expected for different games, such as when you compare blackjack to roulette, it is also the case that variants of the same game have different odds. This is most evident for slot games, where the Return to Player (RTP) can differ dramatically.

What is Return to Player (RTP)?

RTP is a way of calculating the odds of slot games. For example, if a slot has an RTP of 96%, it means that if you spend $100 on a slot game, you will receive back - on average - $96. The higher the RTP, the more likely that you spin a winning combination.

Why is this an issue?

Most new players do not realise that the odds of slot games are made public. They may think that all slot games are the same, while also being unaware that there are better games to play. We recommend that you use Google to discover the RTP of games before you decide to play.

What are the consequences?

The consequences are quite clear: you lose more than you ought to. Risk is an essential element to the enjoyment of casino games, but so is winning. If you play a strictly unfair game, you are more likely not to enjoy your session. Many new players go away from their first session thinking that they had no chance to begin with, which is emphatically not the case if you pick a suitable game.

Which games should I avoid?

Here at NZCasinoClub.com, we recommend any slot game with an RTP of 96% or over. These games give you a reasonable chance of winning.

As for specific games you should avoid, we consider the following to be unfair:

Game Type: Return to Player:
Casino War 75%
Keno 25%
Slots: Return to Player:
Rock n Rolls 9%
Frankenstein 71-96.7%
Atlantis 71-96.7%
Hollywood Reels 71-96.7%
Ancient China 71-96.7%

5. Overlook the Terms and Conditions

Every bonus comes with a set of unique terms and conditions. These terms and conditions outline what you can and cannot do with your bonus. Overlooking them may not be in your best interest.

Why is this an issue?

Online casinos apply terms and conditions to their bonuses to help avoid bonus abuse, which occurs when a player claims a bonus with no other intention except to win real money (i.e. they aren't there to enjoy the games or trial the casino's service). It is a measure implemented to protect the casino from heavy losses.

What are the consequences?

Not understanding the terms and conditions can lead to breaching them. If you breach the terms and conditions, your bonus can be invalidated. In the case of extreme violations, you may even be blacklisted by the casino. Additionally, understanding the terms and conditions can be the difference between winning and having your bonus invalidated.

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